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Keltickurse21 Keltickurse21 25 June 2015

Entering Sarahland

The first time I read a book by Sarah Dessen, I was in the 5th or 6th grade. I'm not sure which grade exactly, just the school I was at and thus the grades I was in while I attended there. I remeber looking through the Young Adult section for a book I thought sounded interesting. As luck would have it I happend to pick up the book with the following cover:

A few years later, I picked up another book at a different place, a different school. A few chapters in, I suddenly realized that the story sounded a bit familiar. Turns out, it was the same book I had read a few years prior.Instead of tossing it aside, like I assume most people would, I finshed reading the book again.After reading That Summer for the second time I knew I had to read more…

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