Lakeview is a city which serves as the setting for several Dessen novels. It is home to a university referred to as "the U" (also featured in many of the books) which is described as having a bell tower and with a strong basketball team.

Lakeview is clearly a fictionalized version of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, home of the University of North Carolina (known as "the U"), a college which features a bell tower on its campus and a strong basketball-oriented culture. Sarah Dessen grew up in Chapel Hill, daughter of two UNC professors, earned her bachelor's degree in creative writing at the University and later taught there. She still resides in Chapel Hill.

Features Edit

As described in Someone Like You, Lakeview is a neighborhood which 'sprawled across several streets and cul-de-sacs, bracketed only by wooden posts and hand-carved signs, lined in yellow paint: Welcome to Lakeview-A Neighborhood of Friends."[1] The book also details a new airport 3 miles away.

Locations Edit

  • Lakeview Mall

Books that take place in Lakeview Edit

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