Lock and Key
Author Sarah Dessen
Publication date April 2008
Published by Viking
Publication Order
Preceded by
Just Listen
Followed by
Along For The Ride

Lock and Key is the eighth book written by Sarah Dessen.

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Ruby Cooper

Cora Cooper-Hunter

Nate Cross

Jamie Hunter

Olivia Davis

Gervais Miller

Blake Cross



Rogerson Biscoe




Heather Wainwright

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Characters Edit

Kristy and Burt from The Truth About Forever buy a chain from Ruby.

Owen is mentioned (though not by name) as helping Jaime put together a CD of obscure songs for Cora.

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When I was writing my first book, I lived in a little yellow farmhouse in the country. Three years and two books later, we moved into a big new house we’d built ourselves far on the other side of town. However, I still thought about that little house a lot, and how it represented the life I’d had before: before I was a real writer, before I was even an adult, at least in my own mind. Last year, I was out that way and decided to drive by, only to find that it was…gone. It had not been occupied by someone else, or renovated, but had vanished completely, demolished and cleared away to make room for a huge gated community. I remember pulling over to the side of the road, unable to believe my eyes. There was such a big difference between our little farmhouse and these enormous, fancy mansions. It got me thinking about the ways your life can change in an instant, while it often takes much longer to change yourself.

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Second cover.
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